About Our Cookies

For me, it started about 10 years ago after I had heart failure and was diagnosed with diabetes.  My ejection fraction was less than 20 percent.  Because of the location of the blockage, a stent could not be placed.  The bottom of my heart was completely dead and resembled a softball in size and shape.  So I was sent home with an external defibrillator and told, “We’ll see you in a few months, maybe you’ll get an internal defibrillator or need a heart transplant.”  Not content with the diagnosis and options that lay ahead for me, I immediately reverted back to my days of juicing and exercising as much as I could.  It was very difficult, very painful, but I continued with it. 

After about six months, my ejection fraction improved to about 50%.  I was feeling strong enough to be able to go back to work, although sought out a change from the physically strenuous business of masonry I was previously engaged in.  I tried working as a diesel mechanic, which was better, but still hard, strenuous, and I still struggled with being very short winded.  So, I started thinking about getting a CDL for a different line of work once again.  When I applied, I was surprised to find out I didn’t qualify because I was taking insulin for my diabetes.  I made the decision I was going to do whatever I could to be off of insulin.  I sought the assistance of a homeopathic practitioner who, among other things, suggested I try the ketogenic diet. 

While I was on the ketogenic diet, I realized there was nothing available in the coffee shops or the stores for me - like a nice “keto” cookie or muffin.  Anything labeled keto had no substance to it, didn’t taste like real food or was completely uninteresting to eat.  So I started making muffins myself and eventually went into the muffin business.  However, some years later, studies were showing that erythritol and other sugar alcohols commonly being used as the sweeteners for keto recipes, were actually quite dangerous, even causing heart attack, heart failure and strokes.  I did my research and had my blood checked.  Sure enough, I was diagnosed with super high cholesterol, so high, the doctor himself couldn’t believe it.  I immediately started on a liver detox protocol for a while, after which my cholesterol went down to somewhat normal levels that I could be content with.  Logically, I stopped using all those sweeteners.  They seemed like an exciting new option at first but weren’t on the market very long.  So we really didn’t know the dangerous effects that would eventually be revealed with time.  I said, “There’s got to be a better way.”  So I gave up the Keto diet after 7 years and stopped baking keto muffins.

Around the same time, my teenage daughter decided she wanted to be vegan.  She also had a gluten sensitivity, so dietary options were even more limited.  Concerned about what she was eating and getting in all the nutrients she needed to be healthy on her vegan diet, I decided to make a healthy cookie that she would enjoy eating.  Like me, she loves sweets, yet I knew that refined sugar or added sugar was not the answer.  I also knew that refined carbohydrates were like sugar and so would not be an ingredient.  The wheels started turning for a high protein, healthy cookie recipe.

In my search for a healthy sweetener, I came upon dates.  After doing the research, I learned that dates have a low glycemic index and are even suggested for people with diabetes.  Well, I personally enjoy the flavor of dates, so that became my sugar source.  This cookie also needed to be gluten free, so my next ingredient selected was sprouted oats, which also happens to be suggested for diabetics because they are extremely low on the glycemic index.  So far, it was coming together -- gluten free and low GI cookie recipe!  The wheels kept churning to make it even healthier – to make sure the digestive system, microbiome and nervous system were all being fed.  It needed nutrients not normally found in the foods on our shelves these days.  After experiencing the beneficial effects of Ceylon cinnamon in controlling insulin and inflammation, I wanted to be sure to include that. 

It also needed to have a complete amino acid profile and minerals, so decided on Celtic sea salt (about 72 trace minerals), Maca root and Yacon root.  Psyllium husk would be added for extra fiber to slow down the absorption of sugars and to keep you feeling full and satisfied.  When it came to my family, it was important for me to include the very best ingredients I could find.  Therefore, everything would organic and non-GMO without question. 

Once I established my goal and my ingredients, I started baking.  After some adjustments with ratios and techniques, the results spoke for themselves, they were delicious!  For a final touch, I added protein to support those on a vegan or plant-based diet, such as my daughter.  Allowing all these healthy options to be delivered in what is essentially a treat, I just said, “This is a winner!” 

I love these cookies, she loves them.  In fact, my two sons also gravitate toward them and eat them with enthusiasm.  Because they’re so healthy, I don’t mind when they eat them, any time of day, evening or morning – even as a meal replacement.  I know they’re getting nutrients and I know they’re getting a nice clean source of protein – and I know they’re not getting all the sugar that they normally would go for. 

I hope you will try these fantastic cookies and experience the wonderful health benefits that come from eating whole foods such as these cookies.  If you are already enjoying them – please share.  I love them, my family loves them – I’m sure you will too! 

Stay healthy, enjoy, have a wonderful day!

Dean Koke

Owner and Creater of Just Dating Cookies